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Laura follows a holistic approach towards food, health and nutrition and believes knowledge is power.

Advocating healthy, mindful living she encourages others to embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves. 

She focuses on achieving overall fitness & self love to create a harmonious balance between body and mind. 

Laura works in 1 hour long one to one sessions over a mutually chosen timeframe.

Laura's Approach

How It Works...

Initial consultation: The goal of this first meeting is to gain a thorough understanding of your medical & weight history, your existing food choices, eating patterns and workout routines. This interactive and engaging meeting is aimed to understand each clients health concerns, dietary limitations or restrictions, as well as individual expectations from this program. Your consultation will end with a clear and bespoke treatment route tailored to meet your achievable/realistic health goals.

Second consultation: Based on all the information gathered during your first meeting, Laura will provide you with a personalized nutritional protocol in order to correct the imbalances and deficiencies in your diet. You will receive nutrition information that is scientifically supported and translated in to practical advice.

Follow up consultations: These consultations are divided into 2 parts:


The first part of the session is dedicated to feedback about your experiences (successes and difficulties), to answer your questions and to coach you to overcome remaining obstacles. 


The second part of every follow up consultation would be dedicated to provide you with more in-depth knowledge about nutrition, health and healthy lifestyle.


Various topics and themes will be covered such as:

 - Decoding food labels

 - Food diversifications ( Grocery and weekly meal plans)

 - Healthy and savoury recipes

 - Physical activities and mindfulness

 - Understanding fatty acids

 - Diversifying animal and plant based protein

 - Special meal planning: work travel, holidays, weddings, parties etc.

Laura's consultations are CNS affiliated and these sessions can be reimbursed by the CNS with an authorised doctors prescription. 

For clarity, only these pathologies are reimbursable by the CNS.

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